There are many varieties of ants here in New Mexico.

The Odorous House Ant likes to live inside and outside.  They nest in cracks and voids in your foundation and walls, as well as under bricks and piles of lumber.  They are a bit of a nuisance as they feed on grease, oil, meats, fruits, vegetables, and sweets.  They are most comfortable in your kitchen where they always have their nose in the air for what you have left out on the counter or dropped on the floor.  We can keep these at bay with our regular residential service.

The Carpenter Ant is a risk to your home.  They love to nest in pieces of by hollowing out a nest.  They like decaying wood and moisture.  They swarm in the spring.

The Fire Ant sends everyone running.  A single queen can cover an incredible distance with 80,000 to 250,000 individuals per colony.  Due to their expansive living conditions, they can be very difficult to control.  Fire Ant Control is definitely a job for a professional.  They will feed on anything including electrical wire insulation.  They are survivors.

The Pavement Ant is recognizable by the little mounds of sand they bring to the surface in the pavement cracks and your brick patios. They also like to make themselves at home in your house and can hang out in your walls and eat your food.  Regular Professional Pest Control can keep them at bay.

The Harvester Ant does not invade structures but loves to set up their home in your yard.  They can strip your vegetation and if their nest is disturbed they can become aggressive and pack a painful sting.  Professional pest control is a must to keep these invaders out of your garden.