Blood Feeders

These Creepy Crawlies require a host to survive, that means you or your pets. Since they feed on blood they are also excellent disease spreaders. 

The Bed Bug has been around since the earliest times in recorded history.   They love to hang out in your bed in the daytime and come out to feast on you at night.  They can double in quantity every 18 Days and can survive a long time without a meal.  In recent years the incidences of Bed Bug have increased Globally and our ever-increasing mobility makes it easy for these little buggers to travel.  They are hitchhikers and can be easily brought home from a vacation, a kids sleepover, or a casual visit to an infested house.  Treatment of Bed Bug infestations requires an and experience Bed Bug professional.   Call the Specialist at Hadlow Pest Solutions. 

The Flea is not particularly picky.  Anything with warm blood is fair game.   Did you know there are several kinds of Fleas?  Cat fleas, Dog fleas, Human fleas and of course Rat fleas.  Fleas are found worldwide and can easily hitch a ride from one place to another.  It is not enough to treat your dog or cat with products found at the pet store.  It is also important to treat your entire home. They can live a long time without a dog, cat or human around.  Fleas are known to transmit several diseases such as typhus and the plague.  Call Hadlow Pest Solutions to be Flea Free!

Ticks come in many varieties.  Most Americans are most familiar with the Dog tick which likes to hang out on Man’s Best Friend.  Ticks do not invade structures but can hop off Fido and lay eggs throughout your home.  Ticks readily attack humans and can spread many diseases such as spotted fever, tularemia, and tick paralysis.  We also hear a lot about Lyme Disease being transmitted by ticks.  You should never pull ticks off your dog with your bare hands. Use forceps for removal.   Keeping vegetation cut back to reduce habitats for rodents and other critters that might be a host.  

We are all familiar with the Mosquito.  The presence of Mosquitos is increasingly a threat of disease for not only humans but our pets as well.  Mosquitos carry a variety of nasty diseases such as West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever, and encephalitis.   Their favorite habitat is standing water.  Eliminating standing water is an important part of the control.  If you have a pond stock it with mosquito fish to reduce the reproduction of larvae.