Other Bugs

Earwigs are mainly found outdoors, but they can occasionally wander inside.  They are nocturnal and are very good climbers, so sealing entry points is important.  They have been known to infest the shake roof in houses.  They have pincher and can cause irritation to humans.  They can cause damage to your gardens and fruit trees.  

The Boxelder Bug is a major threat to the boxelder trees.  They can emerge in large quantities all at once, as they usually spend the winter inside structures.  Preventing entry into structures is your first line of defense.  

Silverfish or Bristletails can be found in firewood, wood piles, and other debris.  They can easily climb from this piles onto your house and take up residence.  They like cracks and crevices and can infest.  If you see Silverfish call for an inspection by Hadlow Pest Solutions.