There many species of Rats in New Mexico.  The Norway rat, Brown rat, House rat, Packrat are all found in the Southwest.  They frequently cause damage by gnawing, can contaminate store foods, and carry a variety of diseases.  Signs of infestation can be Gnaw marks, Droppings, Tracks, Burrows, Paths and Runways.  Here in New Mexico, they love Prickly Pear Cactus.  Rats are nocturnal and you can frequently hear them in attics and walls.   Sealing up entrance points and professional pest control are important to keep them at bay.

The House Mouse can become quite a nuisance and if they are not controlled can cause damage, contamination and disease.  The first sign that you have a mouse is usually the evidence of droppings, damaged goods, and sounds in the walls and ceilings.  The house mouse is a prolific breeder and can quickly infest.   Regular Professional Pest Control is a must to keep them under control.