The Black Widow Spider is quite abundant here in New Mexico.  They are frequently found in crawl spaces, garages, and basements.  Care should be taken when working in areas that have not been disturbed in a while.   They also hang out in gardens, their webs are frequently low to the ground.  During the day they will retreat out of site and then come out at dusk.  The Black Widow bite can be dangerous.   Black widows can quickly spread, as their spiderlings literally blow in the wind.  Standard pest control can keep them away. 

Their are many species of Orb Weavers in New Mexico.  They are characterized by beautiful symmetrical webs, usually found in your garden.  The Orb Weaver is a very beneficial Spider, natures pest control.  Care should be taken to let them do their job as they pose no threat to humans.  If one takes up residence in an inconvenient location, relocate him somewhere else in the garden.  

The Wolf Spider is big, hairy and quite intimidating to humans.  They are a hunting spider and will chase after their meals.  They are occasional intruders into structures, and once inside they will make themselves at home.  They are the only species of spider that carries the spiderling on their backs.  Call Hadlow Pest Solutions if you are concerned about big hairy spiders. 

The Jumping Spider has the ability to jump and catch their prey.  The can be a nuisance indoors.  They do not build webs to snare their prey, but they do build web retreats. Unlike most spiders, they are active during the day. They are hunters and have excellent vision.