Things That Sting and Fly

There are many varieties of Wasps here in the Southwest.  They can be a nuisance around your home if they decide to build a nest around your home.  Some wasps make mud or clay nests and then there are paper wasps that make a nest that resembles an umbrella.  They are generally not aggressive unless the nest is disturbed.   If their nest is located near human activity, then control is necessary. 

There are two varieties of Honey Bee in the US, the European Honey Bee, and The Africanized Honey Bee.  The Honey Bee is essential to pollinate our crops and provide honey.  Honey Bees are not aggressive, but they will defend their colony.  They can take up residence in walls and ceilings.  The best course of action if you find honey bees in an unwanted location is to call Hadlow Pest to find out your options.