We are .... Thanks for all of the amazing reviews.

We highly recommend Hadlow Pest Solutions! Over the last 2 years we have had Leverette completely resolve issues with ants, weeds and gophers. He definitely exceeded our expectations with his promptness, and quality of work. You will love dealing with this company! Don't bother calling other the reviews!!!

Suzanne Martinez

The fellow made a timely appointment, and showed up on time. He explained what he was doing, and quickly it was done. It may take a couple weeks to see the results, but the treatment is guaranteed for the season. Five Stars.

Bruce W Davis

Can't say enough good things about Hadlow Pest Solutions. They were there on time and even a little bit early! They were very professional and got the job done quickly!

Arkulas Beyer

Very thorough. Arrived on time right away! Very knowledgeable.

G D. in Albuquerque, NM

Leverett was very knowledgeable, considerate, up front, and listened carefully to our concerns. My roommate is extra sensitive to chemicals and Leverett was respectful of that and knew how different chemicals affect people with sensitives and provided services with that in mind. He is a pro.

Paul Bugyi

Professional on time service! Treated for common pests and weeds around my property. Great value and great personality!!!

Kyle Dinges

We were hearing a lot of scratching on our roof, and pack rats have been causing devastation to the yard. Mr. Hadlow came out quickly, and made recommendations to get the problem under control. His work was completed in good time and neatly. And now I no longer worry that rats might come crashing through my ceiling. And we have found dead pack rats in their den, so it is working!

Regina Aumente

I had some pest issues when I first moved into my new place.

Upon meeting with Leverett, I could easily tell his primary goal was to provide a high quality experience. After he came and serviced the place, all the bugs went away within a week or two. This was all done without doing any spraying indoors. I finally was able to settle in and live in peace!

What I like about his service is that he thoroughly inspects the place, listens to my concerns and asks investigative questions to figure out what the problem is and solve it.

Other pest control companies I've seen don't have this level of care or customer service. They basically just "spray and pray" and take your money.

The other thing I appreciate is how Leverett's knowledge and competency really stands out and gives him an edge over the competition because he's a certified entomologist. Being able to identify the different pests he's seeing and understand their behavior really helps find proper solutions to address the issues.

I highly recommend Hadlow Pest Solutions. Leverett is absolutely someone you can trust who will keep your home pest-free.

Kristen Roque

Hadlow Pest Solutions is absolutely amazing!! We had a major bug issue and Leverett was able to resolve the issue in one visit! The customer service is top quality and the work is efficient as well as effective. I'm so happy with our results and will be a customer for life!! Thank you Hadlow Pest Solutions!

Nikki R.

Leverette is friendly and knowledgeable. We used his services for weed control and he did a great job. No new weeds.

Iris Sarracino Worth

Great company to deal with. Leverett is always very responsive and knowledgeable. He not only provides pest control, but weeds as well. Reasonably priced for the service he gives! Highly recommended!


We were inundated with odorous ants. We couldn't even leave dog food out or food on our counters. Leverett spent two hours at the house painstakingly finding every nook and cranny inside and out where they could be living. It's been a month and NO ants. ( or any other pests for that matter ) Plus he and his wife are nice folks.

Mark A.

Mr. Hadlow is professional and precise about his work! As soon as I called we got an appointment set up. If I ever have any problems again I will definitely be calling him again!

Amanda Bayes

Happy with the first service for bimonthly bug treatment. Leverette was friendly and knowledgeable. He was thorough.

Brandon C. in Albuquerque, NM

Kaloni was able to put me on the schedule the same day! Levertt was awesome. He did an inspection & my pest issue turned out to be the lesser of my two favorite pests. Then he took care of the issue right away.

The other company that gave me an estimate over the weekend either mis-diagnosed the issue or outright lied to me. As a result, I was so stressed out over the entire weekend & now I'm relieved.

I've now hired Leverett to be my new pest company & have signed up for their maintenance program.

If I could give him a 10 star rating I would! Thank you!

Angie Golden

The fellow made a timely appointment, and showed up on time. He explained what he was doing, and quickly it was done. It may take a couple weeks to see the results, but the treatment is guaranteed for the season. Five Stars.

Bruce W Davis
Pest Control

Great conversation and great service can't ask for anything better then that he was on time and got the job done and really took his time to meet all our concerns.

William C.

Leverett is a true professional who can answer all my questions and help me problem solve the out of the ordinary bug and insect issues. He is on time and does not rush and does an excellent and thorough job.

Suzanne A.

Leverett shared that I did NOT need a specific service that I thought was necessary. Not all services would do that.

David A.

I have used Leverette/Hadlow Pest Solutions for a year. I originally called him due to a really bad ant problem when I moved into a new home. Since then, I have used him every other month to spray for pest. I have also used him to kill my weeds. I have always been satisfied with the service. He is very thorough, professional, pays attention to detail, very knowledgeable, friendly, and always on time. He came out for the routine spray a few weeks ago. About 1-2 weeks later I had a really bad problem with ants again-same time as last year. Leverette came out a second time and sprayed specifically for ants. The problem is resolved. No extra charge, because it is part of the warranty. I highly recommend you try this company

Kaaren Mahan

Hadlow responded quickly and delivered two squirrel traps within two hours. The next morning I found a squirrel in one trap, and Hadlow picked him up within a couple of hours. We have nothing in the second trap and I'm thinking there may only have been one squirrel.

Doug B. in Albuquerque, NM

Very friendly

R michael W. in Albuquerque, NM

Fast response, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Very reasonable pricing and clearly stated terms

Matthew G.

Outstanding Service.Knows about pest and how to treat them. Has been doing our home and property for 3 years.

Richard Barnes
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