Bed Bug – Wildlife Removal – Commercial and Residential General Pest Control

We are Bed Bug Specialist!

We have years of experience and know how to solve your bed bug issues.  We use minimally invasive processes to eliminate the bugs from your home. Bed bugs prefer to hide close to where they feed, so they take up residence in the beds, couches, and recliners.  Bed bugs are efficient hitchhikers and can travel into your home on luggage, clothing and other items.  Once bed bugs are introduced they crawl from room to room and floor to floor.   If you think you have bed bugs call Hadlow Pest Solutions (505) 340-5048 for a FREE quote to become Pest Free!

Got Pests! We do Wildlife Removal

From Mice to Skunks. We will remove unwanted house guests.  Got Pidgeons?  We do that too!   Winged and four-legged pest can cause lots of damage to your home and business, not to mention they can carry disease.  If you got a pest, Call Hadlow Pest Solutions Today (505)340-5048.

We Offer General Pest Control for Your Home or Business

We have serviced homes to pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.  No job is too big or too small, we service it all.  Regular pest control service is the foundation for keeping your home or business pest free.  We offer many options for regular service.  Call Hadlow Pest Solutions today at (505) 345-5048 to keep your home pest free!  No Pest with Hadlow Pest.

Got Weeds! No Problem!

Got Weeds! Hadlow is your solution for professional weed elimination.  We can keep your Xeriscape looking beautiful with our weed control solutions.  We also keep them from coming back too!  Call Hadlow Pest Solutions Today (505)340-5048.