Boxelder Bug Control

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Needing Boxelder Bug Control in Albuquerque?

If you have a boxelder tree near your home, chances are you’re well aware of the pesky boxelder bugs that travel in swarms to feast on the seed pods of female boxelder maple trees. These half-inch beetles with their distinct red/orange markings on their wings will cover the sunny side of your home. This makes it nearly impossible to get in and out if you have squeamish children, or if you yourself just aren’t a fan of having beetles flying at you.

Boxelders Are a Nuisance!

Boxelder bugs are not harmful but they sure are a nuisance! They come in droves in the summer, and thrive in hot, dry summers—which is nearly every year in New Mexico! And even if they aren’t causing harm, they have an obnoxious way of covering the sunny side of a house. It’s hard to know how to handle these pests as a homeowner, and since they feed on seed pods from common trees, they can be hard to get rid of for good unless you’re willing to chop down your tree.

Our clients love how non-invasive our methods are. Dial (505) 340-5048 now to set up a boxelder bug removal consultation.

Hadlow Pest Solutions Is Here to Help with Boxelder Bugs

At Hadlow Pest Solutions, we have a number of ways of taking care of boxelder bugs, but the main way is a chemical application. We also work with our customers to educate them on how to remove the food source. Removing the food source (mainly the fallen seed pods) is an excellent way to make sure the bugs have no reason to stay around.

Are boxelder bugs in New Mexico harmful?

Thankfully, boxelder bugs don’t pose any threat to people, pets, or property. They aren’t known for causing damage to trees and plants either. However, they can be quite a nuisance, especially if they’ve decided to reside on the sunny front side of your house. And, some people complain of a foul odor when you smash them, and that their feces can leave a light stain on surfaces.

Can you get rid of boxelder bugs permanently in Albuquerque?

Hadlow Pest Solutions can certainly help you keep boxelder bugs away from your home with several of our tried and true tactics. It’s also important to know that boxelder bugs do feast on the seed pods on female boxelder maple trees and a few other trees that bear large seed pods. So if it’s in your power and budget, removing the boxelder tree will certainly be a more permanent solution to eliminating boxelder bugs for good.

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