Wasp and Yellowjacket Control

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Wasp & Yellowjacket Exterminator in Albuquerque

Stings from wasps and yellowjackets are the worst! These pests swarm in the summer months, making outdoor gatherings sometimes near impossible. Swarming playgrounds, pool decks, patios, and outdoor dining, wasps and yellowjackets are the one of the most obnoxious pests in Albuquerque.

Get Rid of Wasps and Yellowjackets in New Mexico

Wasps and yellowjackets can be aggressive, territorial, and their stings just downright hurt! And, they’re attracted to anything that smells sweet, so they’re sure to be after your treat on a hot sunny day or buzzing around outdoor trash cans. Even more of a bother, unlike bees, wasps and hornets are free to sting again and again, since their stingers are not barbed like a bee. So, stings don’t cause harm to a wasp’s body like they do to a bee’s body and they’re free to keep roaming around bothering people.

Our clients love how non-invasive our methods are. Dial (505) 340-5048 now to set up a wasp and yellowjacket control consultation.

Hadlow Pest Solutions Eliminates Wasps and Yellowjackets

If your Albuquerque business or home has been invaded by wasps or yellowjackets, Hadlow Pest Solutions is here to help. We’ll effectively knock down wasp nests and destroy yellowjacket homes, along with spraying our solution so they don’t come back. You’ll be free to host that outdoor dinner party or let the kids play freely on the swingset after we take care of your wasp problem.

What is the difference between wasps and bees?

As a pest control company in Albuquerque, we’re careful to protect bees because they are so important to our ecosystem. Flying insects that visit flowers are vital to the pollination process across the state and country. Many people generalize, calling all flying, stinging insects bees. But bees tend to leave people alone, only stinging to defend their hives, while wasps and yellowjackets tend to be more aggressive. Wasps and yellowjackets have skinnier abdomens that appear shiny (bees can appear hairy.)

How do professionals get rid of wasps in Albuquerque?

Hadlow Pest Solutions uses professional grade solution to get rid of wasps, as well as destroying their homes so they don’t come back. While you certainly can try setting traps on your own, if your wasp or yellowjacket problem persists, give us a call!

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