Squirrel Control

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Squirrel Removal in Albuquerque

Squirrels might seem cute and harmless, but when you have an overpopulation of squirrels in your area, they can get old really fast. Not only do squirrels’ presence torture your pets, but they are pests because they get into gardens and crops. They also can cause damage to homes, getting into attics looking for shelter or food.

Squirrels Causing Damage to Your Landscaping?

Squirrels have an uncanny way of eating your prized crops from your home garden, stealing bird seed from your bird feeder, and digging holes in your garden or lawn to stash their goods. And while attics aren’t very common here in Albuquerque, if you do have one, you may have experienced squirrels trying to take up residence there. But aside from that, when they get too comfortable around people, they will get too close to humans and they do bite. Avoid the trouble by hiring squirrel control today.

Our clients love how non-invasive our methods are. Dial (505) 340-5048 now to set up a squirrel control consultation.

Hadlow Pest Solutions Is Albuquerque’s Go-To Squirrel Control

At Hadlow Pest Solutions, we’ve dealt with our fair share of squirrels and can help you get them off your property immediately. We life-trap squirrels and return them to the wild so you don’t have to deal with them taunting your dogs or eating up your garden any more. Squirrels aren’t as hated as some other pests, but you’re not alone if you are tired of them messing with your property and want to get rid of them once and for all. Call Hadlow Pest Solutions today to get started.

Are squirrels protected in Albuquerque?

Squirrels are not protected in Albuquerque, and legally, you can trap or kill squirrels without a permit. This is true of any non-game animal in New Mexico, including skunks, rabbits, porcupines, and prairie dogs. At Hadlow Pest Solutions, we care about taking care of pest problems as humanely as possible, so we live-trap them and release them far away from your property.

How do you get rid of squirrels permanently in Albuquerque?

It can take a lot of vigilance between the homeowner and pest control to keep squirrels away permanently. Hadlow Pest Control can trap and remove squirrels from your property and knock down nests. Other ways you can help prevent them from coming back is not feeding them, getting a dog to scare them off, and using netting around your garden so they don’t see your home as a food source.

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