Rodent Extermination

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Mice and Rodent Removal in Albuquerque

Mice and rodents are enough to freak out the toughest person. But whether or not you have a visceral reaction to rodents, they’re pests all the same. They get into your food, chew up items in storage, create nests and leave feces in your home, and track disease and bacteria wherever they go. If you have rodents in your home, it’s a serious problem, and they’ve got to go.

Mice Causing Damage in Your Home?

Mice and rodents are truly pests—presenting a whole host of concerns. There’s really no limit to what they’ll chew up and destroy. Of course, mice finding their way into your pantry is the stuff of nightmares. Not only that, they chew through wiring which causes fire hazards and they’ll destroy drywall and furniture to get materials for building nests. They leave their droppings everywhere, and their urine has a terrible odor. If you’re ready to put a stop to your rodent problem, it’s time to call Hadlow Pest Solutions.

Our clients love how non-invasive our methods are. Dial (505) 340-5048 now to set up a rodent extermination consultation.

Hadlow Pest Solutions Is Albuquerque’s Go-To Rodent Exterminator

At Hadlow Pest Solutions, we are #1 in helping home and business owners get ride of mice and rodents. We start by creating a RAP—rodent action plan—to assess where and what kinds of traps we should use. Then we inspect your home to identify any possible entry points and make sure we block those off. Of course, you can help keep your home free of rodents by cleaning up dishes right away after eating, wiping down countertops, sweeping regularly, and not allowing trash to pile up where mice can access it. Together, we can deter and prevent mice and rodents from coming into your home.

Can you get sick from mice in the house?

Mice and other rodents do carry diseases, most commonly HPS, Leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, plague, and typhus, according to the CDC. While you probably don’t need to panic about getting the plague if you see a mouse scurry across your kitchen floor, you will want to call an Albuquerque exterminator and get it taken care of as soon as possible.

How do professionals get rid of mice in Albuquerque?

Homeowners can go out and buy mouse traps at the hardware store if you have a rodent problem. However, using a professional pest control service has advantages over the DIY approach. To start, a professional knows the best size trap to use based on the species of rodent you’re having a problem with. Second, they’ll know exactly where to look to identify possible entry points into the home that you might overlook. Give Hadlow Pest Solutions a call if you have a mouse problem and want to call in the reinforcements.

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